Minimum VA Guidelines for A Home

If the property is a condominium it must be on The VA’s approved condo list, unlike a single family house that does not have the same requirement.

All properties to be insured by VA financing will require a termite report and all work completed to provide a termite clearance.

When the VA appraiser goes out to determine the value of the house, the appraiser is required to do an inspection of the home to determine if there are any deficiencies that need to meet VA guidelines. All buyers are always recommended to still have an inspection done by a qualified company to do an in- depth evaluation of all defects in the property.

The appraiser must determine that the house is free of all health and safety issues, health issues could be items such as: mold, peeling paint (that may contain lead), and leaky gas. Safety issues can include: trip hazards, and pools that are empty and not operational that need to be filled.

The home must have a basic working kitchen with a stove, living area and bathroom facilities; a heat source is required, all floors need coverings on them. The foundation and slab needs to be inspected to be sure they are structurally sound and free of cracking and any soil settlement issues. If a problem is determine is a foundation or a slab, the VA will require a report by a licensed Structural Engineer. If the report calls for any repairs, the report must be completed before the close of escrow. All plumbing, electrical and heating systems must be safe and operational, especially hot water heaters need to be safety strapped for earthquake requirements; if the hot water heater is in garage it needs to be in a raised platform, 18 inches above the ground.

The roof must be inspected to make sure it is water tight and have at least 2 years of life remaining to it. If there are any broken windows, or missing screens, they will need to be repaired and replaced.

The home will need to be inspected to be sure that it contains a carbon-monoxide sensor, and each living quarter has a separate smoke detector to meet the latest safety codes. If a home has bars on the windows on any bedrooms, the bars either need to be removed or have quick releases on them.

These are the basic requirements for most homes, there are additional requirements within the VA guidelines.