VA Loans in San Diego, CA

Now that you are back from serving in the military, you and your family need a place to live. While purchasing a home is an exciting investment in your future, we at Greenpath Funding want to make sure that you, as a veteran, are informed of the necessary steps along the way.

We will give you all the guidance you need to ensure that your home-buying journey in San Diego, CA, is as smooth as possible. Greenpath Funding will provide you with the support and assistance needed for you to be able to close on your VA loan in 30 days or less.


Randy Nathan of Greenpath Funding has experience working in the real estate business, and he has specialized in VA loans for the past 20 years. His expertise in both these areas means that he can help you receive the best loan with the best rates for your specific situation.

At Greenpath Funding, we provide personalized service and fast results. We can help you close your loan in 30 days or less, and we will even work with you as needed to help you improve your credit score.


When you come to Greenpath Funding for your VA loan, you can also receive help with other aspects of buying a home. On our website you will find home listings, tips for improving your credit score, and information about disabled veteran aid. In addition, for every VA loan that we close, we donate $100 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

We are dedicated to helping our nation’s heroes thrive in the country they have worked so hard to defend. We want to help you get into the home you want at a price you can afford.

Rely on Greenpath Funding to help you find the perfect VA loan for your new home in San Diego, CA. Give our office a call at 619-200-3070 with any questions or to set up an appointment. You can also get in touch with us online by filling out this form.